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Countries here in Asia have been awarded as one of the best destinations in the world by many travellers. Asia is home to many ethnic groups, abundant festivals, different cultures, historical sites, beautiful white sand beaches, rich rainforest, idyllic islands, dramatic coastlines and stunning sceneries around the continent.
Activities you shouldn’t miss
From breathtaking sunsets to metropolitan cities, Asia is truly a dream come true for every traveller. Dive and snorkel in one of the best coral reefs in the Philippines, shop in the craziest sale in Bangkok, jungle trek in Malaysia, visit the ancient temples of Cambodia, escape in the beautiful islands, tropical rainforest of Indonesia and see the rice terraces of Vietnam. Backpacking in Asia can never be as fun!
A friendly guide to your Asian adventure
A friendly guide on how you can travel conveniently around Asia. Travel the vast distances with improved air, land transportation, better and accessible roads. Traveling around Asia doesn’t need to be expensive when you can ride local transportations like tuktuk, jeepney, mini buses, bajaj, cyclo, bangkas and others.