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WHY MALAYSIA  The infrastructure of Malaysia is one of the most developed in Asia, the country has 7 international ports. Malaysia is one of the world’s largest exporters of electrical goods, communication technology products and semiconductor devices. Malaysia is one of the most bio diverse areas in the world with 240 different species of trees.

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 Find Landmarks

Malaysia has cities and jungles that host rare wildlife. It consists of Hindu shrines and temples, the cultural diversity hints at Malaysia’s offbeat history. Malaysia never fails to surprise each traveler that goes along in the country to pay a visit and make an experience of sightseeing the famous landmarks and one of them is the Petronas Twin Towers and so much more.

Have any ideas where to go for hiking, water sports, mountain climbing? We all have it here! Explore the top adventure destinations in Malaysia and never let yourself be bored as you travel.

After the sun goes down, Malaysia has numerous bars that offer you a brilliant idea on how to end your night with the excitement that awaits you once you have enter the clubs. Nothing seems more fun when you try to party in a different way here in Malaysia.

 Find Casino

Play and get cash is also an activity that you can add to your list when you visit this fabulous country. Find Casino de Genting and many more places that will more than enough to gratify your hunger for having fun in Malaysia.

The much awaited treatment we can do to our free time is to pamper ourselves. Malaysia boasts of spa havens that are not only a retreat that embraces holistic ideas and relaxing principles but also, it defines the prominent journey towards wellness.

Be familiar with Malaysian cuisine and do not miss out an incredible culinary escapade in Malaysia. It has different types of restaurant that offers an extraordinary combination of native Malay, Chinese and Indian food traditions. Treat yourself to delicious and impressive foods.

 Where to Party

The celebration of various festivals and events are filled with colorful, exhilarating and exciting activities. Be surprise at the sheer number of holidays that the country has, participate and make the best out of your stay.

 Way to Cambodia

You have worked your way going to Malaysia, this is a transit map and clear instructions that will help you in never getting lost, as soon as you have reached Malaysia.